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The BarbequeRTRM sources are available within the Barbeque Open Source Project (BOSP), which is a collection of projects encompassing not only the RTRM itself but also its main dependencies (e.g. libraries, tools, …) and other contributed projects (e.g. applications, benchmarks, …). This allows us to provide you a well organized collection of repositories, including everything you need in order to start immediately to play with the framework, which is managed using GIT.

Compilation requirements

The BOSP is quite self-contained, indeed it cares about download, configure and install not only the BarbequeRTRM framework itself, but also “critical” required libraries as well. However, at least for the time being, some tools are still required to successfully build all these projects.

This is a list of mandatory tools:

  • Essential builing tools (e.g., the “build-essential” packages on Debian based systems)
  • GIT
  • CMake (>= v2.6)
  • GCC/G++ and libstdc++-v3 (both >= v4.8)
  • Autotools (i.e. autoconf, automake and libtoolize)
  • Doxygen (>= v1.8)
  • Texinfo

For example, in Ubuntu 11.10 you could get a working environment suitable for BOSP compilation running this command:

$ sudo aptitude install build-essential autoconf automake libtool gperf \
                 cmake git-core doxygen graphviz texinfo ncurses-dev \
                 byacc flex bison moreutils gawk curl premake aterm hwloc \
                 bc dialog

The provided building system will do a check for these components at the beginning and should inform you about missing ones.

These additional packages could be required to build OpenCV contributed applications:

$ sudo aptitude install libgstreamer0.10-dev libgstreamermm-0.10-dev libgtk2.0-dev

Known issues

Linux cgroup in Ubuntu 15.04 and later

Starting from Ubuntu 15.04, the CGroups automatic mounting during system boot introduces issues during the BarbequeRTRM daemon startup. This happens due to a different management of the controllers, as used by systemd and the BarbequeRTRM itself.

If you are using Ubuntu 15.04 or above, please contact the BarbequeRTRM team. They will provide you with a patch that will allow the BarbequeRTRM and systemd to peacefully co-exist.

Setup the BOSP repository

Creating a Working Directory

The complete BOSP sources are downloaded and compiled into a user-defined working directory. That folder could be created and properly initialized by just cloning a master GIT repository:

$ git clone BOSP

For the purposes of this tutorial, thereafter I will assume your working directory is ~/BOSP

Initialize the repository

From within the BOSP working directory, to setup your local repository using the Barbeque Open Source Project trees, use this command from inside your working directory:

$ ./bosp setup

This command will fetch and initialize all the sub-projects source trees included in BOSP.

Please note that at the end, the command could also ask you some information about your name and email. These are pre-configured to allows you to submit patches to the project.

Once the setup has completed, you get a complete building tree of all required component and you could proceed to compile them by following the indications of the section Compiling BOSP.

Getting updates

To synchronize the source code with the latest stable release:

$ ./bosp update-stable

To synchronize the source code with the development release:

$ ./bosp update-devel

Once the source code is ready, it is possible to go on with Compiling BOSP .

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