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The Barbeque Run-Time Resource Manager (BarbequeRTRM) is a framework being developed at DEIB, Politecnico di Milano by the HEAPLab group. The project has been partially funded by the European Community under the FP7 (2PARMA, HARPA, CONTREX) and H2020 framework programs (MANGO, RECIPE).

The BarbequeRTRM is a modular and extensible run-time resource manager that transparently manages the allocation of computing resources (e.g, CPU, GPU, Memory, HW accelerators, etc…) to multiple concurrent applications. Its modular design allows the developers to easily add custom resource allocation policies, according to specific use-cases or hardware configurations.

Resource allocation policies can take as input information coming from:

  • Application properties, e.g., run-time requirements, priorities and operating modes
  • Resources availability and state, e.g., load, power and thermal status
  • Tunable run-time optimization goals, e.g., power capping, energy optimization, reconfiguration overheads minimization and overall performances maximization

Applications integrated with this framework get a transparent support for:

  • Exclusive allocation of resources
  • Resource-aware and run-time adaptive execution
  • Performance profiling
  • Logging and reporting
  • Power monitoring (for hardware platforms providing support)

Suitable platform integration layers, built on top of Linux kernel interfaces, allow contributors to easily port the framework onto different platforms and specific execution environments.

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