The Barbeque Run-Time Resource Manager Open-Source Project (BOSP)


The Barbeque Run-Time Resource Manager (BarbequeRTRM) is a framework being developed at HEAPLab, Politecnico di Milano The project has been partially funded by several European Community research projects:

The BarbequeRTRM is a modular and extensible run-time resource manager, to manage the allocation of computing resources (e.g, CPU, GPU, memory, HW accelerators, etc…) to multiple concurrent applications. Its modular design allows the developers to add custom resource allocation policies, according to specific use-cases and target platforms.


If aim at using the framework for research purposes, please cite one of the following papers:

  • Patrick Bellasi, Giuseppe Massari, and William Fornaciari. “Effective Runtime Resource Management Using Linux Control Groups with the BarbequeRTRM Framework”. ACM Trans. Embed. Comput. Syst. 14, 2, Article 39 (March 2015), 17 pages. DOI:

  • Patrick Bellasi, Giuseppe Massari and William Fornaciari, “A RTRM proposal for multi/many-core platforms and reconfigurable applications,” 7th International Workshop on Reconfigurable and Communication-Centric Systems-on-Chip (ReCoSoC), York, 2012, pp. 1-8, DOI: